Text component in v7.0


I was just wondering whether the text component will still be supported in XP v7.0? Both the text and image page components seems to be omitted in the new XP documentation: https://developer.enonic.com/docs/xp/wip/reference/cms/components
We are considering to introduce the usage of the text component these days, so knowing what to expect in the future would be useful. Alternatively we might create our own part wrapping an HtmlArea.

Hi Ingunn,

Both Text Component and Image Component will be kept in 7.0, we’re just still working on those areas of the docs. But thanks for using and trying our new docs!

I would strongly advise you to prefer the Text Component even for inserting images, since that components gives the user more control over the end-result than what the Image Component does.

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Thanks for your fast reply:-)

In case we want to force editors to use the text component instead of the image component, or even use a custom text component instead of the embedded standard text component - is there a way to prevent these components from appearing in the page editor?

Hi again,

Currently no, there’s no way for apps to deactivate single/specific types of components. I believe we don’t want that either, we will rather solve it either by improving the Image Component in the future, or by merging it with the Text Component all together. After XP7 is launched we’ll revisit this functionality.

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Yes, work still in progress here: https://developer.enonic.com/docs/xp/7.0/cms/components
Expect the text component to work pretty much like 6.x with the addition of image styles, actually making it even more useful.

Sorry Ingunn, not yet…