The new postoffice/servicepoint map for Posten available

The new map for postoffices and postboxes for Posten is just out - well not really a public relase just yet but available at this address:

New is of course responsive design, available on all devices - the design is intern Posten by Thomas Hamarstrøm, UX input from intern Marthe Solberg and implementation by me. New is backend services with live updates from SNDB (backend service for Posten), new frontend template (Angular 1.X), new responsive design, new services from porting from Enonic CMS to Enonic XP etc. OK The map is a bit old style but we hope to replace this real soon now, well that is Geodata. Oh well there might be a few issues still, but we have fixed a few before release as well (100? many anyways). Biggest single XP app I have done and will do in a while I guess.


I somehow was able to start selecting a square in order to zoom in the map, pressing Escape did not stop the selection, so I had to zoom. Maybe a feature of the client side map library which can’t be fixed by Posten. Funny enough I can no longer do a zoom selection.

Some comments:

  • Would be nice to be able to reset the search (i.e x button when search has been done)
  • Maybe “vis innleveringspostkasser” should be above the picture (closer to the search field)
  • Sugggests: Is the delay in address suggests related server performance or simply a delay in search between typing? Would be really cool if it was even more instant :slight_smile:

The reset button has already been requested, so I guess that will go in at some point. Actually we are switching from using an old Geodata autocomplete service to a new internal XP service. I’ll suggest speeding up autocomplete on the task ahead :slight_smile:


An added suggestion to the comments above is to resize the map if the window is resized. I started in a smaller window and maximized it when the page had loaded, but the map kept the smaller height from the initial load…

Thanks Vegard, yeah the resize event wasn’t properly handled - fixed it the other day and it will probably be deployed today :slight_smile: