Thumbnails of images are not shown

Enonic version: 7.8.1
OS: Ubuntu 16.04

We updated from XP version 7.7.0 to XP version 7.8.1. We updated the version of Content Studio to version 4.0.2 as well.
The new version of XP has problem to show properly the thumbnails of images in both, tree content and the image selector. See the attached pictures. However the image is loaded correctly in the client application.
What can be the reason?

Thank you for the response


Check error messages in browser console, this should give you a hint.

Thank you for the hint, but the browser doesn’t show any error. I checked the log of XP, there is nothing interesting either. It’s really strange, the big overview is normally visible.

Any idea?

Hi again,
I think it’s a general problem of thumbnail creation. There is no thumbnail shown in the upper left corner of image editor either…

Can you open the thumbnail image in a separate window/tab and see what the error will be? Right-click the broken thumbnail, copy url and open it in a new tab. Also check XP logs for errors.

I tried to follow your advises and open the image in a new tab, but it did not work. There is standard XP pop-up window shown in the tree structure content. So I right clicked on the image selector, there is no such offer like opening the image in a new tab, even the target path to the image is not shown as tool tip.
See the picture below.
I exported the XP log and stored it in my google disk, but there is nothing interesting, just web socket warnings at the end of the log.
Any other ideas?

I found something interesting…
I opened the detail panel of the picture on the right side of XP, see the image below. There is a thumbnail of the picture too. The thumbnail doesn’t appear either, but it was possible to get the link of it, at least.

  • Here it is:

  • If I copied the link from the older version of XP (7.7.0), be aware it is different picture. I got this format:

Comparing the addresses I found out, that in the first URL is admin instead of xp, which causes the problem. If I copy the URL in the new tab of the browser and replace admin with xp, the icon is shown. :slight_smile:

The question is: Where is the problem and how can I fix it?

Hello ase,
I did some investigation about the thumbnail problem, please see the new posts of mine of this thread.
Can you check why there is wrong URL of the thumbnails, please? Do you have some ideas how to fix it?

Could you share your com.enonic.xp.web.vhost.cfg file, please?

enabled = true =
mapping.admin.source = /xp = /admin
mapping.admin.idProvider.system = default =
mapping.api-draft-cz.source = /xp/cz/draft/intranet = /site/default/draft/intranet =
mapping.api-master-cz.source = /xp/cz/master/intranet = /site/default/master/intranet =
mapping.api-draft-en.source = /xp/en/draft/intranet = /site/default-en/draft/intranet =
mapping.api-master-en.source = /xp/en/master/intranet = /site/default-en/master/intranet

We have reproduced the issue and registered it here. The fix will hopefully make it to the upcoming release of Content Studio 4.0.3.

Thank you for the good news. I’m looking forward to the new version of Content Studio.

This should now be fixed in the latest Content Studio 4.0.3 (requires XP 7.8.2 or higher).

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