Tilde in Content Studio URLs

We have noticed that some of the JS-files that are being loaded in Content Studio has tilde (~) in the URL. This has caused some issues with a WAF (Web Application Firewall) that blocks these kinds of URLs.

Do you have any real reason for why we use such a weird character in the path? We will probably handle this in the WAF, but I am just curious to know as this is very unusual.

Tilde is a default chunk name delimiter used by Webpack. We are using chunks to separate assets used commonly inside Content Studio from the ones used exclusively inside the page editor.

If that really is a problem for you, we can change it to “.”.

Thanks for the answer. It has never been a problem for me before this week, so it is obviously not a very common issue. Apparantly this WAF was set up to block these URLs to avoid bots trying to find files in home folders laying around and I got curious and wanted to ask.

It is not important to me if it changes to . or stays, but if it is easy to change then we might help out others that has this weird kind of firewall too.

Thanks for the answer. I will leave it up to you to decide.