Toolbox dump takes hours for draft, no verbous log output on progress

I have started a dump with dump, cancelled with ctrl-c, then started with another output folder and I can see that both dumps are actually in progress even though I have cancelled one.
It has been going for 3 hours now and I didn’t want to restart the server because it’s online, but I’m unsure how can I see any sign of progress instead of just running du on dump folder?
The server.log has only:
c.e.xp.repo.impl.dump.RepoDumper - Dumping repository
With no indicator that it’s finished, maybe would be nice to have some kind of indicator of how much work is estimated or have some kind of a progress log output.
The master branch was dumped in 2 minutes, draft takes hours, might there be something wrong with the repo or can I clean it up somehow?

Hello sir, we have tasks in the sprint to create progress-reporting for dump/load/export/import - at the moment its not very informative.

What versions are you using? The dump accepts some parameters restricting the number of versions to be dumped that may be helpful. How many content are there in the draft branch?

XP: 6.11.0
Data Toolbox 2.1.2 (i used the to trigger dump)

The dump is 6,1GB and growing, search box showing 1383 total, but not sure if that is accurate, didn’t reindex before dump.

1383 content? That means that either

  1. You have a lot of veeeery large binary attachments
  2. You have an insane number of versions ?
  3. Something is wrong…

Any way to stop it without restart?

Next time maybe there is a way to exclude versions or snapshots, without running the vacuum operation?

There IS parameters for deciding how many versions to include:

 --max-version-age <maxAge>
        Max age of versions to include, in days, in addition to current

    --max-versions <maxVersions>
        Max number of versions to dump in addition to current version

There is no way to stop it, sorry…

Ok, we will try that.
Maybe good if you can update the
With all parameters so we can try on our own next time :wink:

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Ah, yes - the doc is now updated for all versions - sry for your trouble