Troubles with editing old WYSIWYG parts in 6.15

Enonic version: 6.15.0
OS: Linux


I have just upgraded to 6.15.0 and I have an issue with a new WYSIWYG editor. When I edit an article, which has a “Text” part in it, created in previous version of Enonic, I am not able to edit the whole text in it. Instead, I can add some text and it would be added to the end of that part.

Is this a correct behavior? Or am I doing something wrong? Is there any way to fix this except using an old editor?



We already have one report of editor becoming irresponsive:

Can you verify that you get the same errors in your browser console? If not, then please post your errors (or a screenshot) in the comments here.


Thanks for reply. It seems like I get the same error:

_all.js:32021 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'dir' of undefined
    at Object.d (_all.js:32021)
    at e (_all.js:32022)
    at Array.y (_all.js:32022)
    at x (_all.js:32022)
    at$.onerror (_all.js:32023)
d @ _all.js:32021
e @ _all.js:32022
y @ _all.js:32022
x @ _all.js:32022$.onerror @ _all.js:32023
error (async)
B @ _all.js:32023
load @ _all.js:32023
load @ _all.js:32021
r @ _all.js:32038
(anonymous) @ _all.js:32038
b @ _all.js:32287
loadPart @ _all.js:32289
m @ _all.js:32038
(anonymous) @ _all.js:32038
m @ _all.js:31782
(anonymous) @ _all.js:31784 @ _all.js:31785
fireOnce @ _all.js:31784
CKEDITOR.editor.CKEDITOR.editor.fireOnce @ _all.js:31785
k @ _all.js:32036
(anonymous) @ _all.js:32036
callback @ _all.js:32024
e @ _all.js:32022
y @ _all.js:32022
x @ _all.js:32022
(anonymous) @ _all.js:32023
setTimeout (async)$.onload @ _all.js:32023
load (async)
B @ _all.js:32023
load @ _all.js:32023
a @ _all.js:32024
(anonymous) @ _all.js:32024
k @ _all.js:32036
g @ _all.js:32038
(anonymous) @ _all.js:32034
(anonymous) @ _all.js:31800
setTimeout (async)
setTimeout @ _all.js:31800
a @ _all.js:32034
CKEDITOR.inline @ _all.js:32116
HTMLAreaBuilderCKE.createEditor @ _all.js:1
TextComponentViewCK.doInitEditor @ _all.js:1
TextComponentViewCK.initEditor @ _all.js:1
TextComponentViewCK.setEditMode @ _all.js:1
(anonymous) @ _all.js:1
PageView.setTextEditMode @ _all.js:1
(anonymous) @ _all.js:1
PageViewController.notifyTextEditModeChanged @ _all.js:1
PageViewController.setTextEditMode @ _all.js:1
TextComponentViewCK.startPageTextEditMode @ _all.js:1
TextComponentViewCK.doHandleDbClick @ _all.js:1
TextComponentViewCK.handleClick @ _all.js:1

Ok, that’s good news. We’re starting a process of releasing 6.15.1 which will contain a fix for this issue. Will keep you updated.