Unable to edit text in fragments


Do you have a Content Viewer widget installed? Can you select the fragment in the grid and take a screenshot of the Content Viewer panel?


If the error message is “No page templates supporting content type “Fragment” found”, and you say that there are no (and have never been any?) page templates for the Fragment content type in either of the environments, then that would be a very good place to start troubleshooting, no?

Perhaps your app uses controller mappings that match the fragment content type, instead of relying on page templates? Have you taken a look inside site.xml of your app code and see if there are any mappings there that match the fragment content type?

Could there be some apps that you have installed locally that are not installed in the environment where the problem appears? Are there any JavaScript runtime errors on the page that you can see in your browser developer tools?

I’m just throwing out suggestions for troubleshooting. To me it seems like the problem might lie somewhere in the context rather than somewhere in the fragment itself.



Have sent you the json in DM

Gayathri P


Hi Bjørnar,

The error is only in the server and not in local and there are no runtime js errors on the page. However, I will check with the controller mapping for the fragment again. Thanks for the inputs.

Gayathri P