Unable to edit text in fragments


Enonic version: 6.15.5
OS: 10.14

I am not able to edit text in the fragment.


Are you trying to edit the fragment content, or the page where you have placed the fragment?


I am trying to edit the fragment content.


09 Seeing this message while trying to edit the fragment in content studio. This was not happening before. Is it related to version upgrade or something?


Sorry, but quite impossible to say what is wrong from this picture and the info so far…



A text content has been saved as fragment and is not editable now. Can you confirm if the contents in fragments are editable?

Gayathri P


Honestly not sure what you mean by this. A fragment is essentially “editable” in the same way the component is editable when it is placed directly on a page. So a text component can be inline edited, where a part or layout are editable from the config panel.


I missed the “not” in your sentence.
In a normal setup, the text component will be editable when it is converted to a fragment, yes.
You probably have a malfunction in your templating somehow.


Hi Gayathri,

Are you sure you have located the actual Fragment content in Content Studio first and edit this? Editing the text from a page using the fragment is not possible, but editing the text from the Fragment content itself is possible. This is how it is meant to work.


I am trying to edit the fragment content itself and not the page which contains the fragment. I am not able to edit the fragments in local while in server I am unable to do. I also see the message “No page templates supporting content type “Fragment” found” as you see in the previous screenshot.



This is not the optimal solution, but would help us know what is wrong: can you create a new Template that supports Fragments? Will the error message go away then?



You mean create one under templates in the site? There were no templates for fragments both in local and server and i get the error message only in server. In local I am able to edit without any issues.

Gayathri P


Are you running same XP version locally as on server?



Gayathri P


Hi Thomas,

Do you have any suggestions for this?

Gayathri P


Hi Gayathri,

Can you please describe the sequence of steps that you take so that we could reproduce the issue locally? It’s very difficult to follow from the bits of conversation here and there.


Hi Alan,

Please find the details below. Let me know if anything else is needed.

1.) Created a page
2.) In page components, created a text
3.) Saved the text as fragment
4.) Unable to edit the fragment in the fragment content created.
5.) Have checked both the versions in local and server. Both are same. However, unable to edit fragments in server.

Gayathri P


When you are saying you create a page, do you mean a page template? It’s not possible to create a fragment from a page template, so it must be something else. Is it possible for you to send us the app you are working with?


We tested it a bit more and couldn’t find any issues with editing text in a fragment… Can you open browser console and see if you are getting any errors inside the fragment wizard? And as I said, it would be nice to get the app you are working with to be able to reproduce the problem.



Select a controller below to set up a customized page
No page templates supporting content type “Fragment” found

this is the error message I get. I will get back to you on the query if we can share the app in sometime.

Gayathri P