Unable to get users list

Hi !

Suddenly users tools stop working. There is no any error message in log regarding this. In yellow popup we have this message “Could not find resource for full path: http://site.url/admin/rest/security/userstore/list”. However all users/roles/groups are available in Repo XPlorer app.

Can I fix this somehow ?

Hmm… what version of XP are you using?

Hi tsi!

6.9.0 on linux

Dev environment or server? Logged in as user with proper permissions I assume? Anything from the logs?

Server is running on linux. I was able to login and everything works as expected. And there is no anything in logs.

Even stranger, did you try a restart?

That helped :slight_smile: Anyway this is strange… Do you know if we have something like additional log ( except server.log ) ?