Unable to log into admin with a user outside system userstore

Enonic version: 6.7.2
OS: El capitano

Hi. I’ve created a new Userstore, and gave its users to Admin Console Login. However, its impossible to log in. When examining the login request, the data it sends over is

{"user":"[email protected]","password":"topsecret","userStore":"system"}

however my userstore is called Intranet.

I dont see any way to select another userstore. Is this a bug, or do i have to create my own login page to make this work properly?

To enable login for users in another userstore you can use Simple ID Provider from enonic market to create a login page.

Hi Lasse,

If all users that will login are in one userstore, then you can edit which userstore is the default one in the web server config file. But, I have a hunch that you also have admin users in the system userstore, then Gustaf’s solution is the one to go for - custom login.

You could setup multiple virtual hosts, like we have done.

One for admins on localhost using system userstore.
One for editors on some admin url using admins userstore.
One for end-users on the actual site url, using end-user userstore.

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