Understand the Schema/Fields settings for Enonic Explorer

Enonic version: 7.10.3
OS: Windows

In the developer documentation for Enonic Explorer, under fields/shcema found here it says:

“The fields are used configure where to store data, how to search and in facets.”

And not much else…

How exactly does this work? How is data from a crawled source mapped to the different parts of the schema (if that is even how it works). Is there some more documentation or examples somewhere that I am missing? I am also very new to Enonic, so it might be obvious, but I haven’t figured it out.

How data is mapped to the schema depends on the collector.
If the collector task uses the Collector Class, the persist function will take data in and do the mapping for you.

The next version of Explorer comes with Document Types, so instead of a single global common schema across all document nodes, you can have multiple “schemas”. Sort of like a Content-Type.

The documentation is under review, but it’s available already.

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Thank you.

Am I right, then, that adding things to the schema is only applicable when creating a custom collector, and not using the built in web crawler?

You are correct :+1: