Undo unpublished changes

Enonic version: 6.7.0
OS: Mac OS X


I just upgraded to 6.7 and was really looking forward to the “Cancel delete” feature mentioned here: Undo “pending delete”
Did you end up adding it to 6.7?

I would also love to have some sort of undo feature where all unpublished changes are reverted. Is this something you are considering? What is the most convenient way to do this at the moment?

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Apparently this was forgotten after implementing better protection for accidental deletion of content. Thanks for giving us feedback on this. Not sure when it will be fixed though.

In terms of rolling back unpublished changes, select the item at hand - and use the version history widget (panel to the right) and choose the live version and click restore. There is currently no batch mode for this kind of thing.

We are also wondering about the “Cancel delete” feature. Any news about it?


If you are wondering about undoing accidental delete of offline content, this will be available as a part of the Trashcan feature which is also planned but hasn’t been started yet (it’s in the backlog).

But we are currently working on “Undo Delete” function which will make it possible to undo deletion of online content (before the delete action has been published). The feature will be available in the next release of XP.