Universal type - date or day

Enonic version: 7.6.0
OS: W10

i currently struggling with enonic types.
Is there anyway to choose option or date? My template is for events that are same every week (periodic). But i would like under the same type non periodic events where you have to fill out date instead of days (provided by options).
Is there any for when you fill out date, the option day would be disabled and the other way around?


Hi Martin,

You should look into <option-set>. Then your content creator can pick which of the two formats they want to use for their periodic input. And then different input fields can be shown for each option.

– Tom

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Hi Tom,
thx for quick response.
Jugging by the enonic’s documentation option-set should be the solution.
Unfortunetly I am still struggling with the content-type implementation.
Do you have any idea what am I doing wrong? (file is placed under ‘\src\main\resources\site\content-types\consultation’)

It would help if you posted a code snippet instead of a screenshot… So what exactly are you struggling with? Are you getting errors? Btw, display-name-expression in your schema is of no use since there’s no field called title in the schema.

was missing

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