Usage documentation?

Enonic version: 6.3.0

I am stuck trying to find out how to roll back to the version of my site that is currently online.

First off - how do you do this? I’ve found the version history, but I can’t find where the “roll back to” button is.

Second - where is your usage documentation? Like, “this is how you use Enonic XP” as a regular web editor or user (not a developer). I can’t seem to find it anywhere! This is surely something our client’s web editors will need at some point.

Hi again!

You would probably not believe that you are the first to actually comment this - it’s aparently not an oftenly used function - but it’s simply been a prioritization on our side.
Version rollback for single items are scheduled for 6.5 (approx 8 weeks).
Undoing all local changes (vs master) is currently not in the backlog - but is definetly doable.

NB! Remember we are not doing commits ala git as this would impact write performance heavily - and thus we cannot do full rollbacks ala git. At least not yet!

As regards to documenting admin tools - We’ll get something going here for 6.5 too :smile:

Hi @tsi!

Thanks for the reply.

Hehe, yeah I am a bit surprised, but then again I understand the iterative approach to your workflow. I would definitely push for adding these features, however, since not being able to version content is (at least to my understanding) pretty basic functionality for any production environment.

Since our project is still in a pretty early stage, re-creating all content won’t take me much more than a few hours.

With regards to admin tools documentation, I would love to see something here as well as soon as possible. :smile: Looking forward to seeing it!

We introduced version history rollback in Enonic XP 6.5 released a few weeks ago.

At the same time we silently rolled out our first admin usage documentation in the docs, please check it out:

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