using <display-name-expression>, after the content has been first published the name and displayName fields are not automatically updated during editing.

Enonic version: 7.0.2
CMS version: 2.0.3
OS: Ubuntu 19

in the scenario where " $ {tittel} " when I change the value of “tittel” the fields “_name” and “displayName” keep the value with the which content was first published.
So if I delete both field values and fill the “tittel” field again, once again the “displayName” field is filled with the old value, but this time the “_name” field is not even filled.

So if the editor commits a discussion the content will be an invalid value and in the database the content will be identified by something like:
“_unamed …”

Can you post your content type schema here?

Name is intentionally not update after publishing, as this could “accidentally” break external links to your content.