Vhost mapping not working for /admin

Enonic version: xp 6.3.0
OS: Mac / Windows


Can you confirm that vhost mapping of /admin does not work in com.enonic.xp.web.vhost.cfg? In the below example mysite works, but exp and admin does not.

enabled = true

mapping.mysite.host = xp.local
mapping.mysite.source = /mysite
mapping.mysite.target = /portal/master/mysite

mapping.exp.host = xp.local
mapping.exp.source = /exp/admin
mapping.exp.target = /admin

mapping.admin.host = xp.local
mapping.admin.source = /exp
mapping.admin.target = /admin

I have had no problems with this on 6.3. We can have a look at some working examples tomorrow.

But you want:
xp.local/exp/admin and xp.local/exp
to go to admin? Looks like so in the setup.

If i remember correctly, there is a limitation so that the admin can only be mapped to /admin at the moment, not /ext for instance. For sites there are no limiatations - @srs can you confirm this?

Sorry about the delay here. I do not think it’s a limitation and it should work. But maybe we have not tested all the scenarios here. Will create a task to try it out.