What are the definition for the different user roles?

When adding new users I get a bit unsure to what the different access rights actually do. I remember we had something about it in the Docs earlier, but can’t find that anymore. Any ideas?

Anyways, what I’ve guessed and/or tried and found out is that “Administration Console Login” is needed to even be able to log in to the site admin area. “Authenticated” just means that you are logged in (so one could log in via a custom service but still not have access to site admin).

Then we seem to have one role per app - Content Manager App, User Manager App. The roles “User Manager Administrator” I guess have more rights to do things than the one that just can access the app.

But what about “Content Manager Administrator” and “Administrator”. What can they see and do differently? Can somebody with access to “Content Manager App” change anything or just see things?

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A “role” has a description field, but it doesn’t seem to be in use anywhere. Maybe this can be used to show the intended use on mouseover when selecting a user role for a user?

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