What is the correct name for the properties file for Nynorsk?

In Content Studio I choose “norsk (Norge,nynorsk) (nn-NO)” as site language, but it does not work.

These don’t work for me:

Norwegian and english works btw.

When I select no site language it seems to fallback to phrases_en.properties rather than phrases.properties

An oh btw should not this:

“norsk (Norge) (no-NO)”

rather be

“norsk bokmål (Norge) (nb-NO)”

Or are you not following ISO 639-1


I believe we’re using Java’s locale library to list the language options:

Suprised it is not working though? We’ll have to look into that

These work for me:
src/main/resources/site/i18n/phrases_nn_NO.properties // (Norge,nynorsk)

Check that the properties file names are using underscore as language code separator, not dash.

But in the locale parameter to Thymeleaf portal.localize function, use the dash character instead:

<p data-th-text="${portal.localize({'_key=mymessage', '_locale=nn-no'})}"></p>

Same for the JavaScript i18nLib.localize function:
i18nLib.localize({key: 'mymessage', locale: "nn-no"});

It is based on the Java Locale support. I see it can be confusing that it is dash in one place but underscore in the other.

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