What to expect in 6.11

Next version of Enonic XP will be 6.11, and we aim to release before the summer vacations. Since we don’t have fixed release dates but rather ship when the intended features are ready, we can’t say an exact date yet. But as the functionalities start to take form we’ll have more to say about a release date.

The two biggest features for next release will be:

  • Publishing issues workflow (for editors)
  • Multi-repo search (for developers)

Multi repo search

The Multi-repo search will let you search across repositories of data for big installations. With the powerful Node and Repository API introduced in 6.9 you probably have some cases where you’d wish to search in more than just one of them, 6.11 gives you this ability.

Publishing issues - a workflow

  • Design sketch - work in progress, not how it will look when shipped.

The Issue workflow is an entirely new way of handling publishing and workflow in Content Studio. We already let you publish from (and to) specific dates. But if you’re only a contributor to a website you might not have the rights to publish, or you might have but you lack the knowledge to a specific area of expertise that you happen to want to add some spelling corrections to, or you’re the webmaster or web editor in chief overseeing the overall quality of content on your web sites. All these scenarios will now be excellent for our new Issues feature.

The issues system will let you create issues from Content Studio. An issue will contain one or more contents (you select which). It can be one article, or two articles and three images - you decide. These contents are added to the issue and you write a descriptive title and description. After that you assign this entire issue to another member in you team, which is notified on email and inside the Content Studio on next login.

We believe this feature will greatly improve the way larger corporations work with content in Enonic XP. And we aim to build on top of it for future releases, improving it even more, with commenting, email dialog support, and more.

More goodies

Other than that we will of course introduce a lot of minor improvements, and bug fixes. These are a few of them:

  • Click on custom page and “Save as Page Template”
  • Choose image size (pixels) when inserting into HTML field
  • Image Selector - larger pictures
  • HtmlArea - improved control over headings, fonts, styles

If you have feature suggestions, or bug reports, please file the in the “Features” category here in the forum, or directly in Github. Many cool features in XP comes from the community, so don’t be afraid!