When deploying app to Enonic cluster all nodes are not syncing

Enonic version: 2.7.0
OS: Linux

As an example, we are deploying a web plugin to the Enonic cluster environment, which has two nodes. After the deployment is completed, some users can access the changes in the plugin, while the other half see the old plugin. This occurs after almost every deployment. Is there any solution or configuration to resolve this issue?


  1. How do you deploy the app? Via UI, API, or /deploy folder?
  2. Are you sure your cluster is working properly? (Green cluster state + all nodes visible)?
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Also, the Enonic XP version 2.7 does not exist? Can you confirm which version you are using?

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Finally, what is a “web plugin”? Are we talking Enonic apps or are you doing something else?

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Hi Thomas, Thank you for the quick response.
Enonic version is 7.10.3, We are deploying app using admin portal UI. yes, this is a multi pages thymeleaf web app.
Cluster state is green and there are 8 nodes(3 front nodes, 3 master nodes, two data nodes).

I remember we have experienced similar issues, but this is quite a while back. Regardless, you should consider upgrading, as 7.10 is already quite old.

That said. Try to see if the following works:

  • Deploy (or stop/start) the app
  • Look at the logs for all nodes at the same time, you should see a notification that the app was restarted on all nodes.
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Is the problem solved by restarting all the nodes? We had something similar happening. It was caused by a slow replication of binaries. The cluster got updated but the binary hadn’t reached all the nodes yet. It showed up in the server log

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Thank you @tsi ,
We will upgrade and check.