When is 6.0 released?

Off topic for @tsi: Do you have any timeline for when 6.0 might be released? I am working on a couple of modules I plan to open source, but would of course prefer to develop them for 6.0 instead of 5.x if the release is not too far into the future…

I just can’t let this sit unanswered, but sadly I don’t have a good answer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

6.0 is delayed. Internally we have a “Milestone 1” release, but the changes in this branch compared to 5.x-branch are big. And until next milestone, or stable release, even more things might change. I guess that “end of August” is more likely to have a release-ready 6.0, but I’ll let the others answer next week when they’re back from vacation.

However, from the internal list of “breaking changes”, it’s mostly a list of “search and replace” that has to be done in your code. So it’s not like you’ll have to start everything over from scratch anyway. =)

Great! That is good enough for me. I have checked out the Milestone 1 from Github, and so far it is working fine to develop against this version, so I’ll probably continue doing so.

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I heard it on good authority that 6.0.0-M2 will be out on or before the 18th of August and the final release not long after that. I suggest that any modules you are working on should be updated for 6.0.


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I started right on 6.0.0 with this one, so I should already be (mostly) up-to-date. But I’ll download M2 when it is finished, just to make sure. Luckily, there weren’t too many changes I had to make to get it to work…

The release on August 18th will be RC1, not M2, which means that after August 18th, there will be no new features, just bugfixes.

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