Why isn't there a built-in content type for Landing-page?

I’m pretty sure that every site will have a landing page content type. But there is no built-in type for it so every module will make their own. Now if you have two modules on one site then you will have two content types called Landing-page - one for each module. This can get confusing. Is it com.enonic.xp:landing-page or is it com.customer.web:landing-page?

I’m sure somebody thought of this and there must be a good reason why we don’t have it, but I don’t know what that is. I just hope that if we do make a built-in landing page then we can also add mixins to it (see previous topic).


We are discussing this - but have not yet reached a conclusion. Main reason is that making landing pages a global content type - it will basically be inherited into every site you create - even if you do not want one.

For now you can also use base:folder for landing pages too naturally…

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Maybe this can be solved by having a module for common content types, in stead of having it built in. Then you will be able to select the common module for every site where this is relevant. I guess there will be other content types that will raise the same question.

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This will be handled as a library in the future.