Workshop/Master-class about "TypeScript in XP"

Hi all,

Are you interested in learning how to use TypeScript in your backend code in XP, or do you want to improve your TypeScript skillz?

I thought I would check if there is any interest in the XP-community for a workshop/master class about the topic.

So please indicate your interest by using this form
(this is not a signup form!!! ).

– Tom

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You can also see this video about TypeScript in XP, where I give you the basics.

In the workshop we would go much deeper, and you would get to solve code tasks yourself.

I’ve only had 3 feedbacks so far, so it’s looking a bit dark for this actually happening.

If you are interested in this workshop I would strongly encourage you to click on the form above! :wink:

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Tom, I am interested in this workshop.

If you want to make it I will publish it in my company slack Enonic channel.

Thank you!

Hi @stanzani !

Thanks for reaching out. :smiley:

I am a bit busy on client projects these days, so I don’t have time to prepare anything in the next few months.

But if I have the opportunity to run a TypeScript Master Class later this year, I’ll send you a message.

If you fill out the form above, I’ll get your email address, and I can reach you that way too.

Have a great day!
– Tom Arild