Would a Slack library be useful for anyone?

I am considering creating a library for Enonic Xp to integrate with Slack messaging client. Please let me know if anyone has thoughts around this, would it be useful for anyone out there?


Yes, this would be very cool!

On our intranet, we have a direct link to the Slack profile of every employee on their profile page. It would be great to have a proper integration, e.g. showing their online status, which channels they are active in, and so on.

I was actually thinking the other way around, like sending slack notification to channels on Enonic XP events, like a form submission or similar, but fetching Slack team information of employees is also a nice use-case that I will have in the back of my head if I decide to create a library / app.

I’ve done different types of push messages to slack and had also an idea about creating a lib.

But its hard to figure out what to implement.

I think its maybe a good approach to create a wrapper around an existing slack project.


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