XP Operator interferes with other deployments in Kubernetes

Enonic version: 7.13.3
OS: Linux

When I run xp-operator it tries to control other deployments in Kubernetes.
It intercepts requests to others deployments.
I use latest version of operator.

How to scope xp-operator only for his namespace or specific namespace deployments?

Do you have an example of what it intercepts?

It intercepts usual kubectl requests, for example:

kubectl get deployments

On the image below is our another project in Kubernetes that doesn’t have operator.enonic.cloud/v1 in a .yaml file, then xp-operator intercepts it and throws error couldn't get resource list for operator.enonic.cloud/v1

It seems like xp-operator thinks that he is only one in a sandbox and intercepts all kubectl requests

XP operator doesn’t try to control other deployments, but it registers a custom API server, which is used by Kubernetes API server when any kubectl get <resource-name> call is done to make an answer. To be able to answer to requests the server should be up.
And it looks like the operator’s server is not the only custom API server which is not up (or facing some other issues) in your cluster, custom.metrics.k8s.io server could be also down, so I assume it’s a related problem.

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Ok, thank you, I’ll try to investigate a problem