XP: Optimising filesystem for performance

XP disk usage is very heavy on small files and inode usage on linux systems.
Do you have any recomendations or benchmarks on choosing or optimising the filesystem XP is running on?

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For the moment, nope. We are continously working on performance tuning, so there might be improvements to how often we write files etc in the future.

I think it would be useful to just have some recommendation on the filesystem choice, for example to have a benchmark to see what inode ratio on a ext4 filesystem best suits XP disk usage and how it affects performance.

Hi again!

I was assuming you were referring to disk writes, but I now see you are talking to disk in general. With 6.3 we have implemented cache for many of the files that are read-only (shipped with applications) so this should reduce disk use significantly. ETA before christmas :smile: