XP Using auto generated content create/edit forms (ContentWizardPanel) outside admin

Since there is such a forms api built into admin console, I wanted to use it on a page for submitting data.

I have traced the calls in admin requesting data schema:

initiated by:

Is this kind of functionality possible to use on a non-admin page?


The ContentWizardPanel is a highly specialized UI, and is too hard wired into the admin framework. We are working on a generic “formbuilder” app that will supply this kind of functionality - I assume this might be more relevant to your requirements?

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Formbuilder api seems really essential and something that our client needs.

Do you think that there is a way to embed a edit content form inside an iframe?

Admin UI could do that - but I would never recommend it. What is your actual use-case here?

@tsi: What kind of functionality will your formbuilder-app contain? Just asking, because I have been working on one for a while myself, and guess I could stop if an official one will be published soon. :wink:

Is it a formbuilder for submitting content to Enonic (as ksawery is asking for), or to generate generic forms (e.g. a loan application form, a contact form, etc)?

And a more general question:
Is there anywhere we can see a list of apps you are planning/working on?
I tried looking in the Github-repo, but at least I couldn’t find this one there.

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Please don’t stop building your formbuilder - we want more apps and libs :slight_smile:

The formbuilder is not ETA until mid 16 - it will enable editorial creation of forms (with a controlled set of items and config options) and handle responses - it will ship with a customizable part for rendering the form/handling user interaction.

The main reason why I’m asking is that I don’t like reinventing the wheel :wink:
since there is a form generator in the admin panel, I wanted to use it.

The iframe approach is of course not a pretty solution, but we are talking about a kind of intranett/min-side functionality, where we do not want the user to have to use the full admin ui (that would require a broad training effort within the organisation), but to have quick access to edit items related to their account (after login with the login service).

Okay, I’ll keep developing it! :smile:

I will probably finish mine before you (targeting the end of this year), so maybe you’ll get some ideas when I am finished. :wink: (I am working in a private repo for now, but may put it up on Github once it is ready for use.)

I see - I would strongly recommend building custom forms for this purpose at present time. If there Are many forms you could naturally do some generic work and re-use The content type, nevertheless I’ll note this as a use case!

Cool - feel free to share on the forum. Are you using node api or content api?

I just created a separate topic for this, so as to not hijack this one. :smile:
XP Formbuilder app

I’ll answer there.