Guillotine 7 is finally here!

For a long time XP developers had to use the Guillotine library to customise their GraphQL schemas, being confused about when to use the app or the lib. The pain is over :slight_smile:

Starting with version 7, the Guillotine application can be used to effortlessly customise GraphQL schema simply by adding a file called guillotine.js to an app and implementing necessary schema modifications in this file.

Guillotine library will for some time remain available on the Enonic market but will no longer be maintained by us.

Read the release notes or jump directly into the extension guidelines. Please note that Guillotine 7 requires XP 7.14 or later.

We have also released two applications to showcase how simple itโ€™s become to extend schemas using the Guillotine app.

The brand new Menu app is supposed to replace the lib-menu for headless integrations. Custom implementations where data from lib-menu is injected into GraphQL schema can now be dropped. Install the Menu app, add it to your site and your GraphQL schema will be automatically extended with the new menu: Menu field containing all the data you need to build your site menu. Follow this guide to migrate your headless integration from lib-menu to app-menu.

A new version of Robots.txt app is doing pretty much the same by injecting the contents intended for the robots.txt file into the GraphQL schema.

NB! New releases of both applications require Guillotine 7 so make sure to upgrade before trying them out.

We are very interested in your feedback so please let us know if thereโ€™s anything that should be added, changed or improved.